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Beast, err — 8 East

November 5th, 2007 · 12 Comments · Uncategorized

It seems there is finally a sign outside the former Toad’s Tavern.  This building has been under various states on construction for close to a year.  Toad’s was a great little bar that had OK food, cheap beer and Megatouch.  What more do you need?

Well, it appear the replacement for Toads is getting close to opening.  The sign has finally been installed on the front of the building.  I pass the building every day driving up Fayette St on my way home.  For a full week, I have been trying to figure out what the sign said.  I thought it said “something” East.  I could never make out what the first letter was!

Well, on my way home from a PSSC Football Game, I was a passenger in my friend Beck’s car.  Beck yells out, “I think its called Beast!” I couldn’t believe it, maybe it is a steak house?  As we inched up closer to 1st Ave, I was able to get a long hard look at the sign.  I realized it was not a “B” but rather a “8”.  The name of the establishment is 8 East, not Beast.  I mentioned this story to my girlfriend and she said the same thing, also thinking the name of the place was Beast.

It would be a shame that all the money and effort into a new restaurant/bar is ruined by a bad name or a bad sign.  If people continue to make the mistake that it is called Beast, it may be a problem.

In any case, it seems 8 East is close to opening.  (BTW:  Its the address of the place, not exactly original) It should be interesting to see how it fairs with some of the newer places around the corner and down the street, but at least its not called Beast.


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