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Ikea, Plastic Bags and Conshohocken?

April 13th, 2008 · 6 Comments · General

I’m been using some canvas bags from Reusable Bags for my weekly trip to the super market. I recommend them to all of my readers. They are larger then the plastic bags in the store, easier to carry home and better for the environment. The best thing is that you get 4 cents back from Genaurdi’s for every bag you use.

Ikea has decided to take a lead role in the change away from plastic shopping bags. Ikea is based in Conshohocken (US Headquarters) and there is also a store in Conshy. Ikea has done right with the offering of reusable bags for 59 cents and charging 5 cents for a plastic bag.

The result? 92 percent of the customers declined the plastic bag. It may be economics, it may be the environment, but whatever the reason, kudos to Ikea for doing there part for Conshohocken and the rest of World.

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  • Stephanie

    I always forget my canvas grocery bag until I am already past 5 points in conshy… by that time, it’s too late to go back. It’s a frustrating cycle. I saw really cute canvas bags at target with various target logos on them!

  • Stephanie

    PS any news about 8 East? I didn’t know it took this long to build a stinkin bar! I drove past there the other day and there were guys working on it. I almost stopped to ask when it would open, but my light was green. Alas….

  • Stephanie

    Yup! Me again…

    random… anyone know why the target was closed recentlY/

  • craig

    When was Target closed? if it closed now?

  • Brian

    I’m trying to find a happy medium where I don’t have to keep my bags in the car and still remember them. Usually I’m pretty good, but I would like to starting bringing them to non-standard stores like Target, Home Depot, etc. I always seem to forget them for these places.

    I continue to drive past 8 East every day and every day it looks like they continue to do some type of construction in the upstairs section. I saw a big dumpster outside of it about 2 weeks ago, filled with debris. I wonder if they had issues with passing inspection or something and had to demolish some work. Not sure, but it has to be opening soon.

    As for Target, no idea, this is news to me. Anyone have an update?

  • Stephanie

    Target was randomly closed last weekend… i couldn’t imagine why.

    About 8 East… it seems to have like tarp or something on the windows so you can’t see in! They are just building suspense. However, on my walks I’ve been walking by there in hopes I see someone and can ask the estimated time of opening!

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