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The First Complaint From the Conshohocken Streetscape Project

May 15th, 2008 · 2 Comments · General, Politics

Maybe it is the first, certainly will not be the last. Here is a post demonstrating the typical attitude Conshohocken Borough Council has towards informing residents on major projects. They continue to make assumptions that the residents either a) read the local paper daily or b) attend Council meetings to keep up on the day-to-day business of the Borough.

The scary thing is that they are tearing out trees, to improve the street scape? Huh? The old, fully grown trees are what make the street look great. I would love to see what the final build is going to be. Obviously, Spencer has no idea, I wonder if anyone else does.

The glimmer of hope with Spencer’s post is two-fold. The first is that we can only hope that the Borough engineers know what they are doing and removing that (and one can only assume more) trees will result in an overall improvement of the streets. The second is the demonstration (and statement!) that the Conshohocken Borough Web Site is crap. I have volunteered to attend a meeting with two Council members and several residents to begin planning of a new design of the web site. I have various opinions on what is required, but we need to move away from leaning only on the local newspaper (so obscure is the local paper, I don’t even know the name of the thing!) and move towards electronic media. Costs will be reduced and will be more timely. I believe the first meeting of this committee is in late May, so I’ll keep everyone informed on how that goes.

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  • senorapants

    I almost got poked in the eye at my first and last council meeting. The acrimony between the old guard residents and a few of the crustier council members was amazingly hostile. A council member was actually the one that barely missed jabbing me in the eye as I tried to exit the melee. I will never go back to that violent mess.

    At least they sent a notice about changing our trash day. Of course, the grammar-challenged flyer said “You’re Trash” which was very troubling to read. I guess it fits with their treatment of homeowners in this case.

    Good luck at that meeting about the website! Something’s got to change, especially with it now so easy to maintain and update a site.

  • Spencer

    Thanks for linking to me. I think Conshy needs a good ole’ fashion kick in the rear. It’s their primary job to work on behalf of the constituents – and if they don’t communicate with us, how can they know what we think? I know I’m going to be raising holy hell with them and one of my points is that they need to get more proactive about communicating. A lot of this could have been avoided by going the extra mile to get community buy in.

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