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Web Sites, Councilman and Farmer’s Markets — OH MY!

June 3rd, 2008 · 4 Comments · General, Politics

My laptop decided it no longer wanted to spin the hard drive, so I have been disconnected from the inter-webs for the past 5 days.  It is a strange feeling knowing you are missing email, appointments and the like with no good excuse for it.  Oh well.  My trusty (or not so trusty) Dell is back from the dead thanks to the intrepid Desktop support folks at work and I’m do my best to getting back to action here…Some updates:

Conshohocken Web Site
I had the pleasure of meeting Councilman Jason Salus, Councilman Paul McConnell, Public Works Supervisor Harvey Buek, Borough Manager Fran Marabella and Spencer last week to discuss the current state of the Conshohocken Borough Web site.  Overall, a great discussion and we quickly moved forward on a plan to re-do the site into a more manageable (and less PDF files) format.  So, I’m looking forward to working with them to get a great new site up and running.  Check back here for updates as things move ahead.

Conshohocken Farmer’s Market
I saw the big sign go up on the Washie’s Firehouse announcing the Conshohocken Farmer’s Market will return on June 6 from 10 am to 3 pm.  I’m glad to see that a sophomore return of the Farmer’s Market is going to be made.  It seemed to get off to a weak start early in the summer last year but got a bit busier as word got out.  I’ll give it another look-see this year and see hows things go, but I’m not holding my breath.

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  • craig

    My problem is that my wife and I work for a living. The farmers market would be great if it was open when I actually am in the C0nshohocken area. Friday after 6 or anytime Saturday or Sunday.

  • Stephanie

    love the farmers market. Cheap fresh flowers, awesome pies and wonderful green beans! YAY! Can’t wait!

  • Bern

    I must agree with craig…it would be wonderful if the market could come up with hours that would make it accessible to everyone. However, based on info I’ve gathered over the last few weeks, it’s quite difficult to get vendors who will stay late in the day and/or on the weekends as many of them are already committed to other markets on Saturday and Sunday. I feel it is an issue that should be given some serious consideration. Local produce vendors are in high demand. They have to make a living and must go where the customers are. Hopefully, our little farmers market will continue to grow and draw more vendors and shoppers.

  • David

    Councilman Paul McConnell is the greatest!!!

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