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Some News Out of Conshohocken…

June 6th, 2008 · 1 Comment · News

I’m going to start a new trend (or at least try to). I’m going to review the Conshohocken news of the week on Friday’s, providing links and commentary as I see fit.

This occurred before the purchase of my home in Conshy, but still an interesting piece of legislation and some notoriety. My favorite bit is the fact that Conshohocken voters continued to vote this guy in to office, even after he disclosed the conviction. Reminds me of Washington DC and this guy.

The Conshohocken Car Show is making its annual appearance on Fayette Street on Saturday. I’m a bit of a motor head so I like to take a look at the cars and see what’s going on. It’s a shame they tend to limit this show to the 1970s era and earlier, because these cars are not my thing. In my opinion, they should hook up with Don Rosen and the other luxury exotic dealerships in the area and show some newer iron off. I was at Don Rosen about 2 weeks ago and saw the delivery of a new Audi R8. Now that car is a flat out cool.

In any case, if you are interested in the car show, it’s this Saturday from 9 AM to 3 PM. On a side note, what the heck is the Conshy Strut? Have ya seen the signs for this?

Lastly, it looks like Conshohocken Public Works is changing the trash pickup schedule for the East side of town. I certainly know that Spencer was informed of the change (proper grammar, not included). It’s interesting to see the newpaper covering these types of changes. The article reads like a press release from the Borough, not actual reporting. Maybe it was a slow news day…

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  • vulcanjedi

    The Conshohocken Strut is from a guy by the name of Billy Kill who is a member of the Flamin’ Caucasians. I shot a vid at the conshy car show of him doing a solo. Unfortunatly I missed the girls dancing at the earlier playing. You can find it on 🙂
    By the way he will be doing it live at the Conshy fireworks festivities on July 3rd up at Sutcliffe park.

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