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Updates and Pictures on the Conshohocken Fire

August 15th, 2008 · 11 Comments · Breaking News, News, Photos & Videos

  • Pretty impressive…Google Trends says that “conshohocken fire” was #55 in search terms yesterday, peaking at 3PM (I assume PST).  This was certainly national news.
  • I read on a blog that the construction workers had left the job site when the fire started.  Can anyone confirm this?  I always make the assumption that issues at a construction site is often caused by the crew this may not have been the case with this fire.
  • Obviously, there are dozens of articles on the fire and the response.  I’m sure there will be many more as the investigation unfolds.  But, I wanted to bring this article to light that explains, at a minimum, the Washies were on site within minutes and they did everything they could to control the blaze.  Nice job guys.
  • Got an email from Conshohocken Borough Councilman Paul McConnell, regarding how we can help the victims– His words:
    • The people from the red cross said they had everything they needed at this time and the best way to help would be to make a monetary donation to the Southeast PA Redcross through the redcross website.  The website is and select the option for the southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter.
      The Red Cross along with the management company is placing people in apartments and hotels and providing them with cash and other things as needed.
  • Here are my personal set of pictures.  These were taken while walking from my house on the West side of town over to the fire.  Time was about 7 PM – 8 PM.
Photos after the cutline…


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  • Ray G

    Good pictures. I also saw your pictures from the 2006 flood. Do you know if the now-burned apartment buildings were involved in that flood? I was thinking about moving there, but I hesitated as it’s near the river and I worry about floods.

    Ray G.

  • vulcanjedi

    They were not directly involved in the flood. But because the train tracks were flooded all access to the building was cut off. You can see those pics at

  • ConshyRes

    I was coming across the bridge at 5pm and saw the Washies truck cross on Elm. The fire was already visible from Fayette St at that point, so it was definitely an uphilll battle. I’m surprised no one called 911 before 4:52 given how it looked at 5pm, so the construction site must have gone up in minutes. Our town was definitely blessed that there were no major injuries. I can’t imagine losing all my belongings or a pet, but at least no human life was lost.

  • Doh! |

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  • Susan

    Your Blog is terrific!!!

    I have watched the news concerning the fire. Why hasn’t the mayor of Conshohocken been interviewed??

  • Speener

    The mayor of Conshohocken is largely a ceremonial position, with little power in borough matters. The council and borough manager are the real decision makers in Conshohocken.

  • vulcanjedi

    They are using a blog as a website for information for residents and locals. Go to

  • Brian

    Hey Spencer, he better have at least a little bit of power. I need him to marry me in a week.

  • megh

    Has anyone thought about organizing a charitable event for the residents at all? My boyfriend and I were talking about something like the trot n brew done in Hazleton every year, it’s a 2 mile race to five different bars where you throw a quarter in a bucket, drink a little dixie cup of beer, then run to the next bar. With all the businesses in Conshy I bet something could get organized. All registration monies and beverages purchases between x and x hours (or percentage of purchases) could go to a relief fund. Just an idea….

  • Nancy

    I tried to donate on the Red Cross site, but it didn’t seem to be able to direct the funds specifically to the Conshy fire victims. The management co. also is collecting donations, but I don’t really want to give them the money. I agree some type of benefit should be done. Other ideas could be beef-and-beer with a DJ or band (Rich Yacovelli?) — keep us posted, I can help as much as possible within my geographical limitations.

  • Brian

    The Red Cross does not accept donations for an individual event. This came to light during 9/11 when people were mad that their donations would probably not go to 9/11 victims, but would be used for the “next” catastrophe. This, of course, makes sense, but most are not happy about it. The ARC probably has the resources to satisfy the current problem, it’s the next problem that they need to brace for. So, donate anyway, the next big event is just as important as the current one.

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