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Back from a’Honeymoonin

September 3rd, 2008 · 1 Comment · Food & Drink, General

Made it back to our Conshohocken confines in one piece and with a new hunk of metal wrapped around my finger.

The wedding went on without a hitch.  Sixty of my closest friends, the Mayor of Conshohocken and my blushing bride was all it took to make our lives together legal.

Overall, the Mayor did a great job and I’d recommend his services.  I think he was a bit nervous throughout the ceremony, but the end result is still the same, a legal union.  We ended up getting married at 333 Belrose, which is in Radnor.  This was their first wedding and they really did a great job.  They have a great patio where the ceremony was held, butlered cocktail hour and dinner.  It was a overall success and we can not say enough about the facility or the staff.

The honeymoon was great..not much to do in Cabo San Lucas except sit around the pool and drink margaritas, which I did alot of, thank you.  Returning to work after a week off is not a easy task, but we are getting through it.

Not much came through my inbox while I was gone, which was a good thing I guess.  This interesting little bit from Consumerist caught my eye.  It seems Comcast is charging the Riverwalk at Millennium residents for the destroyed cable boxes.  Even though I have a longtime dislike for the cable giant, I’m going to have to side with them on this one.  Renters insurance should cover the charge and let’s face it, the boxes are rentals and they were destroyed while in the homeowners possession, Comcast should not have to eat it.

In any case, I have a friend that lived at Riverwalk and had renters insurance.  Let me put it this way, the insurance company took great care of him, he is not complaining at all.

Looking forward to rejoining the blogsphere…

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