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Conshohocken Sewer Authority Theft

December 8th, 2008 · 5 Comments · Crime and Punishment

I’ve been gathering as much info as possible on the reported theft of funds from the Conshohocken Sewer Authority. So far, it appears over $167,000 was stolen by Tracy Michele Connelly, the office manager.

This was reported a couple of months ago but the details of the theft was not revealed until last week. Here is what I find most disturbing about this…

  1. She left a paper trail. She didn’t even try to hide what she was doing. She wrote checks out to herself. She used alias’ that were not very different from her real name. She paid for personal items like her car, rent and a shore house. Well, no one ever said criminals were smart.
  2. The shore house was not even for her own use. It was for her son’s senior week. Her justification for using Sewer Authority checks? It was a rental for Sewer Authority business. Ugh.
  3. She has a criminal history and has done this before. There are only two reasons this could have occurred. Either a) she had an in at the Borough and any background check or other issues with her past were ignored so she could secure a job or b) no background check was completed. I’m assuming it was (b), since laziness is a much better excuse then outright ignorance. I work for a large company, but I don’t handle any money. I had to go though a extensive background check, drug screening and criminal history. Why is the Sewer Authority not doing this, at a minimum? There are very easy, very inexpensive services available that would have excluded this person from the position.

In any case, it is disappointing that these funds are pretty much gone. It is unlikely she will ever pay restitution. The Sewer Authority will likely have to forgo improvements for several years until these funds are made back, it is a shame.

It will be interesting to see if these type of crimes begin to rise as the economy slows. I find people have a difficult time realizing they can no longer afford to live a lifestyle they have grown accustomed to. I’m sure we’ll begin to see crimes such as this rise as money becomes harder to find.

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  • Anonymous

    What an ass, so the tax payers paid for her to run wild and here most of us struggle to pay our own damn bills, truly remarkable….well we see our homes go for sheriff sales etc..and no one is there to help, but apparently we the tax payers paid her bills…what is up with that picture?

  • Anonymous

    So has this bitch paid for her crimes yet? Why is she still out free to walk the streets? What are they waiting for, for her to rip off more people? Put this bitch away!


    Oh yes I think she is paying back for what she did. Im not saying its ok to do what she did. ITS NOT..not at all..but I almost understand it. Im a single mother and sometimes I got to tell you I dont know how Ill get from one day to the next. I dont know I think we should just pray for her. Dont you I mean let he who is without sin cast the first stone….REALLY

  • Anonymous

    She is a career criminal and will steal the shirt off your back if you turn your head. Give her any leaway and she will do it again. She has been for years and years stealing from anyone in her radar. She is slick and manipulative. She deserves more jail time then she got for what she did to everyone involved. I’m certainly without that sin, as is most of us and those who aren’t are pathological. She should never be trusted ever!

  • frank

    It’s not that there isnt a back ground check, but Ive found in my life, that you seem to have to KNOW someone to get these jobs. The most qualified are ignored for somoeones aunt, uncle, friend, cousin etc., Thats one of the downfalls in a ‘small town’.

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