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What’s Going on with The Boathouse?

December 27th, 2008 · 8 Comments · Food & Drink

Went to Flanigan’s Boathouse last night for a quick dinner.  Disappointed was an understatement.  It’s been a while since I have been to The Boathouse for a meal and I was looking forward to enjoying some of my usual favorites.

First, menu has changed.  There are less items and I am not 100 percent sure, but I think the prices have been raised.
Second, the french onion soup, once one of my favorites at the Boathouse, was bad.  It was not very hot and it was incredibly salty.  The cheese was not cooked enough and it was simply blah.
Third, my favorite flavor of chicken wings are the sweet suicide.  They are supposed to be sweet with a slightly spicy kick.  The wings I had last night were way to hot, not sweet at all and just not good.  I ate maybe 5 of the 10.
Fourth, and this one is my favorite, they ran out of Bud Light.  How does a bar run out of probably the most popular beer in the US, on a Friday night?  This is no different then Geno’s Steaks running out of cheese!  It simply should never happen.

I asked the waitress if the menu changed.  She told me, and I quote, “Yeah, blame the economy.”  So, not sure when I’ll be back to Flanigan’s Boathouse anytime soon.  I guess I’ll blame the economy as well or the disappointing food.

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  • Tim


    You know that Bud Light is nasty beer! What else did they have to offer? It’s time to branch out into some of the regional brews away from that watered down crud.


  • Craig

    The Boathouse did cut there menu but so have most places. As for their wings, they are still the best in town by far. As for their beer, why on earth would you order a Bud Light at one of the best beer bars in the area. You could have had a Rogue, Sly Fox or two dozen other great choices on tap. You should try Teresa’s Next Door in Wayne…. never mind they dont even serve it.

  • Kevin

    BOathouse’s wings are average at best.

  • Craig


    Where in Conshy has better?

  • San Jose Kid

    Listen, if the man wants a bud light with his wings he should get one. Take your extended pinkie, “craft” beer drinkin’ lame asses back to the main line….

  • Stephanie

    Wow… I <3 the boathouse wraps and nachos… im DYING to go there for a veggie wrap… crap I might have to get some takeout. If anyone has craptacular food it’s the GAP!

  • CAG

    It is the 3rd time the menu has changed in a year….and gone up in price. No longer casual neighborhood bar. $9 for 10 wings is crazy! Supposedly you can get the old menu items at their new Malvern location.

  • Lauren

    You can still get old menu items at all 3 Boathouse locations, unless involves an ingredient the Boathouse no longer orders. As for the Bud Light, I’m sure bottles were available, or 1 out of 4 other light beers on draft besides Bud Light.

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