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Nope — It Is Certainly Not Legal!

January 13th, 2009 · 54 Comments · Crime and Punishment

I received an email regarding my previous post regarding the legality of the “Sultans of Speed” skateboarding event.

It seems the owners of both Four Tower Bridge and Eight Tower Bridge are not happy about this and have sent an email out to personnel warning them of these events and instructing them to contact police if they see this activity. So, if you see these things happening anywhere in Conshohocken Borough, call the police [610-828-4032].

Below is a copy of the email:


According to blogs posted to silverfish longboarding magazine, the Eight Tower Bridge garage is “rad” and “free rides are awesome”!

Recently, an “outlaw” downhill skateboarding event was held in West Conshohocken. There were 83 participants from all over North America – “hosted” by Mason Holden and Nick Harris, graduates of Westtown School and residents of West Chester, PA. After the downhill event, a “free ride” was conducted in the Four Tower Bridge and Eight Tower Bridge garages. Reading the web postings after the event, these “kids” range in age from 18 to 45 years old, and came from Canada, New England, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina. Parents accompanied some of them to this “outlaw” event, and the parents acted as “spotters” while the skateboarders did their thing. If you care to see video of this event, or others like it around the country – search for “Sultans of Speed I or Sultans of Speed II” or “outlaw skateboard down hill events”.

These are not neighborhood kids – these are kids who travel North America thrill-seeking skateboard rides. They are foul-mouthed, destructive vandals and the local police are waiting to catch them. When you call, the local police will respond – in force – along with Whitemarsh and West Conshohohocken officers.

An industry magazine – Concrete Wave – has a tutorial published instructing them how to act when the police show up to avoid being arrested. I’ve seen the skateboarders employ these tactics, and angelic doesn’t begin to describe their act in front of authorities. The local police departments have been shown the web sites, blogs and postings, along with the tutorial, and they will no longer be lenient when encountering this gang of boarders. These skateboarders are organized, smart and have means – the ring leader currently haunting our properties drives a blue, 2007 BMW M4 – 1st three digits on the license plate – FXF.

If you encounter skateboarders in the garage, or elsewhere on the property – please call the police IMMEDIATELY! Skateboarding is illegal in Conshohocken – per an ordinance passed in 1964 – with potential fines up to $1,000 and confiscation of the skateboard. You must call the police – DO NOT engage the skateboarders, DO NOT try to chase them, just call the police with the location of the skateboarders. This gang will get aggressive if challenged and will not leave when asked to. The police have previously been called and merely warned them about trespassing on private property, but that was before the internet research revealed who the skateboarders were, and what they were up to. If you encounter them, please CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY!!

By the way, there is a skateboard park in Conshohocken – Ollie World – located on the same property as Tee’s Driving Range – Conshohocken Road. The skateboarders who are trespassing on our property are specifically interested in an “outlaw” lifestyle – they purposely flaunt local laws and are not interested in a skateboard park. They represent the worst element of the sport and when they are arrested – we plan to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

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  • plantiff

    To me it seems like she is just making libelous statements.

    Helen, how does it feel to be a bigger criminal than a skateboarder?

  • bdubz

    This is ridicuulous let ppl have their fun if you want em to sign a waver by all means but what you people did is ludachris and this post is hilaiously disengenuous and downwrite comical…

    Thanks to you and your pigheadheadness the cops won’t let local people ride anywhere! I got thrown ooff union st today by cops, which is illegal as its public property.

    People like you (and in most instances the police too) are the ones we need in jail, not some people that just wanna have fun n board…


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