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Kudos to Conshohocken Police

February 5th, 2009 · 10 Comments · Crime and Punishment

Nice work by the Conshohocken Police on catching the suspected bank robber of a King of Prussia PNC Bank.

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  • Kathy VanBeekom

    Great, now do something about all the speeding. Or are you waiting for a child to be hit and killed by a car? There was a seriously injured adult pedestrian on Fayette street, struck by a car in October 2008. He had 2 broken legs, lost all movement in one arm permanently for the rest of his life, he had a concussion, fractured eye socket, fractured jaw, broken nose, glass in his face, need I say more? He’ll be out of work for at least a year and needs painful physical therapy 3 times a week, still! Now this is February. He served 20 years in the Army and National Guard before that. I think all drivers should know that if you strike a person going over 40 mph, there’s an 85% chance they will DIE. The speed limit in Conshohocken was lowered to 25 mph in October 2007, a full year before my friend was hit near 8th & Fayette in October 2008 by a car going at least 40, probably faster. What are the cops doing? The police station is ON 8th & Fayette. No excuse for not ENFORCING the speed limit, just plopping up signs isn’t enforcement, they need cops out there handing out tickets because MOST vehicles are going faster than the speed limit, NO EXCUSE…there are TRAFFIC LIGHTS EVERY 3 BLOCKS in Conshohocken, no driver has any reason to go that fast in that short distance between lights.

  • Craig


    Sorry about your friend but bitching on a blog won’t change things

    • Anonymous

      Why would you so off handedly make a remark like that? That person that got hit as you so lightly say as if it was just another day! Well in somebody’s life it was a parents worse nightmare! That girl was about to turn 12 by no mistake of her own her life and ours will never be the same. If you have children I wish them great health and that you never go through a tragedy like that.

    • Anonymous

      Thats what a blog can be used for?

  • Kathy VanBeekom

    Last time I visited there last month, first week of Feb 2009, they had one of those digital signs on 4th & Fayette that show how fast each car is going, and most cars were going an average of 35, in a 25 zone. The town recently spent a lot of money to re-do all the curbs in town, now I hope they put their efforts into safety. It’s all cute enough now with the patterned crosswalks and all, but people who get hit and go up over the hood of a car won’t remember what the crosswalks look like when they land.

  • Craig

    kathy those patterned crosswalks are to help draw the attention of drivers so they realize that people might be walking there. What would want the police to do? sit on Fayette street all day and pull people over? Install more red lights? Crossing Guards? Please tell us what you want the cops to do, how many people get hit on Fayette street each year anyway, do you have any statistics? or are you just upset because your friend was tragically hit. Where do you live anyway?

    • bob

      It doesn’t matter how many get hit, if one gets hit that is two many. My kids go to conshy catholic and I watch the cops stand out there in the morning and afternoon when the school zone is on and they do nothing when a car is doing 40. So I guess we shouldn’t do anything until a child ggets hit and killed. Then you can tell the parents the cops have something better to do.

  • John

    Why don’t you stop crying. The cops are out there. They are handing out tickets. But they can’t be everywhere. The cover school crossings, rspond to cals and try to cover as much area as possible, being everything to everyone… You coud pay more taxes so we can hire more cops…

  • Anonymous

    Lets remember John a child already got HIT and nearly died leaving permanant irreversible damage to her! Don’t skirt around the topic of “when a child gets hit” an innoscent child lost precious freedom and memories that can never be replaced. Nearly 18 mon. later and it still a nightmare, but lets add more traffic and not correct our current issue! Like Bob said drivers do not maintain the speed limit I don’t recall ever seeing a car being stopped on Fayette….

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