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July Fireworks

March 23rd, 2009 · 6 Comments · Crime and Punishment, News, Politics

Seems most of my posts these days are just repeats of Councilman Jason Salus’ posts, but with a new baby and being extremely busy at work, I have not been able to keep this site up to date.  But, I’ll do my best as my son settles in to keep Conshy news as it arrives.

Some updates that I wanted everyone to know of:

  • As of today, the annual July fireworks show is not going to happen.  I spoke to Borough Manager Fran Marabella about this about a week ago and it was a simple financial decision.  The good news is that a Borough resident has stepped up to organize a fund raising effort and if all things go well, the fireworks may be back on.  So, check out his site and if you have a couple bucks to donate, please do.
  • Here is an interesting opinion piece on the renting of homes in our area, including Conshohocken.  My favorite quote from this items is this:

    The town ordinances stem from disrespect; townships claim students are disrespectful; they park illegally and are too loud. Instead of enforcing generally applicable laws to solve these specific problems, though, the communities turned their backs on the situation to find an easy – yet unfair and equally disrespectful – solution.

    I have generally the opposite opinion of this writer.  When I went to college, all I did was respect the neighborhood, kept my noise to a minimum and tried to be an upstanding citizen.  The students of the local universities are anything but.  These laws exist  because there have been too many parties, not enough parking and way to many complaints.  Well documented by me, students have been and continue to be the problem in small towns like Conshohocken. Just about the only things students bring to towns like Conshohocken is noise, alcohol, trash and cars.  They bring very little positive things to our neighborhoods.  So, I’ll continue to support ordinances that prevent large number of students from occupying our residences.  At least, until they begin to act like good neighbors.

  • I’ve been watching the news on the West Conshohocken constable who has been stripped of his badge and position for a variety of offenses.  I’m not going to be commenting on it because, ironically enough, I have had some dealings with him and I don’t want to present any conflict of interest.  End result, it appears he will no longer be a constable in Montgomery County after a recent deal.  Fine by me.
  • Reminder, the Conshohocken Planning Commission meets at Old Borough Hall, 7 PM on Tuesday, March 24th.  If you have any interest in the construction, demolition or over-all planning of the Borough, please attend.  If you are a reader of this blog, say hello!
  • The new design of the Conshohocken Borough web site is very close to being released.  Keep your eye on it and this site for the announcement.

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  • Bridget

    I couldn’t agree with you more about students living in Conshohocken. There are a very small minority of students who are responsible and mature enough to live off-campus. This is not Manayunk, so our businesses don’t need college kids to survive.

  • Justin

    What about the absentee landlords that allow students’ behavior to continue in the fashion that it does? All it takes is a few landlords to strictly adhere to the lease that they make their tenants sign and word would spread that Conshy isn’t a place that students can come and raise hell. Pretty soon you will get the “responsible and mature” students bringing new blood to the borough.

  • GrumpyOldMan

    I think you have to be very very careful when passing these kinds of ordinances. Legislation tends to have unintended consequences, heaven forbid someday you might have to rent out your property!

  • Jim

    I think it’s great that a resident has stepped up to try and save a great tradition, but I have some concerns about sending a check to The Borough of Conshohocken. Are we supposed to write “fireworks” on the memo line? If we donate and not enough is raised, will we get that money back? Will it be applied to our taxes? Do we just lose it? If anyone were to have a beef and beer or a raffle or anything like that, I would be more than happy to donate, but I don’t know about this.

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