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Borough Chief of Police Mike Orler

September 9th, 2009 · 9 Comments · Crime and Punishment, General, News

The Times Herald has a pretty good article on the new Chief of Police Mike Orler.  I’ve already had a positive experience with Chief Orler while in attendance at the Borough Council Meeting.

I asked the question during the meeting if speed enforcement was taking place on Fayette St.  (Note, the speed limit is 25 MPH) I was told it was and just two days prior to the meeting 90 tickets were given out on Fayette Street alone.  Pretty impressive.

I met with Chief Dougherty a few times in working on the Borough Web Site.  He is an honest, good guy but my gut told me he ran the department the same way for as long as he was in charge and not much changed.  Some new, younger blood might be the injection the Police Department needs to take on some of the newer challenges law enforcement has these days.  I’m looking forward to seeing what Chief Orler has in store.

He has already implemented the new signs installed on the “STOP” signs that say something to the tune of “Complete STOP, Free.  Rolling STOP, $109.50“.  I think these small reminders are easy ways to make sure people come to a complete stop, we’ll see how they do.

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  • Buster

    Do you have anything regarding the recent Robberies that have taken place in the borough. Complete clean out of houses while the victims are not home. Taking tvs, video games, jewlery, etc… A few have happened in the past 2 months or so from what I hear.
    Hopefully this new chief has some sort of answer to that.

  • damian

    there are always home breakins happening in conshy. my house got broken into a week after i moved in. police said there was a rash of robberies, i’ve been hearing that for years. cops aren’t able to do anything about it apparently. I want my tv back.

  • Dudu

    Friends of mine got robbed over Labor Day weekend. They took everything. They can’t decide whether to get a gun or move to Chalfont. Good luck Chief Orler!

  • Craig

    the problem is there is no forum for people to find out when crime happens in this town or on the west side. My car was broken into last Feb and the police told me that there had been a rash of break ins in recent weeks. Then in June I got pulled over and the police told me that they stopped me for not making a complete stop but the once they saw I was a local they told me that they were looking for cars leaving town because of a recent string of break-ins. I was unaware of either crime spree’s because no one reports any of it.

    • The7thson

      The way I understand it the newspaper(times herald) will call the police department for the police report for the week.The police will tell them nothing to report. There is no crime in Conshohocken?My business and 2 others were broken into the same night,how can residents be aware if it is not reported to the press.

    • J.

      Lock your doors. Don’t talk to strangers. If something sounds too good to be true it usually is. Don’t play with fire. Don’t give out your socil security number.
      Yes people steal cars (even in Conshohocken). Yes there is drug activity in Conshohocken. The police are doing the best they can with what they got. They still have to respond to all the calls for service, handle traffic, cover school crossings, arrest drunks, chase after bank robbers (once in a while).
      Help yourself and stay alert… How did our forefathers ever make it!?

    • J.o. B.

      Come to a complete stop and look both ways before going through an intersection, ’cause no one else will.
      Stay safe.

  • charles f quigley

    chief mike orler is a stand up guy he comes from a long line of a upstanding family. he would be a good chief in any p.d. including phila. or nypd, c.f.q. phila. pd.ret.

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