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The Outbound Station

April 5th, 2010 · 12 Comments · Food & Drink, Review

On Friday, I had the day off from work and the weather was great.  So my wife, son and I took the walk down to The Outbound Station for some coffee and breakfast.

Overall, it was a good cup of coffee and breakfast pastry.  I have enjoyed both La Colombe coffee before and Le Bus pastry.  Generally, you can’t go wrong with these two choices so that was good.

There were issues though.  More personal, easily fixable things, but here they are…

  • Prices not listed — There was a chalkboard of the coffees available and pastries available.  No prices.  There were drinks, food items and candy available for sale.  No prices.  There was a pastry case with a host of items.  No prices.  You need to list what things cost or else I’m not buying.
  • Assuming I want to-go — There is nothing worse then drinking coffee out of a to-go paper cup.  But, I often do it because I’m on the run.  My wife and I were the only people in the shop at 9 AM on Good Friday.  We ordered our coffee and he began to grab paper cups for us.  I asked for the coffee “for here”.  He gave me this look like I was really putting him out.  I can only assume it was because he had to wash the cups now, who knows.  Word of advice to the owners, have the barista ask if they want it for here, it’s a nice touch and it’s better for the environment and your bottom line.  Push the mugs!
  • Wi-Fi — Every coffee house needs free Wi-Fi.  It’s a must and it does not cost much.  I didn’t notice a sign and my iPhone didn’t see an access point, ya gotta have it.
  • Art on the walls — Find a local artist or gallery to display some art on the walls.  The kitschy “coffee house” art that was probably bought at Home Goods does nothing for me.

End result — minor issues for a welcome addition the Conshohocken retail lines.  I look forward to revisiting The Outbound Station and will report improvements, if any.  For now, stop in and enjoy a great cup of coffee.

** Update ** — Neglected to mention where The Outbound Station is located.

The address is
2 Harry Street
Conshohocken, PA
(610) 825-3825?

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  • Jay

    Every coffee house needs wifi? I thought every coffee house needed, well, coffee? Everything else is just details.

    • Brian

      Yeah, think I’m going to stick by that comment. I believe every coffee house needs WiFi. If you want to stay competitive and get people in to eat, drink, etc…you need it. Hell, even McDonalds has free WiFi now.

  • Ray G

    Where is The Outbound Station? You neglected to mention the location.

  • Jules

    Any thoughts about what other retail locations Conshy needs?

  • revort

    Jules – maybe some thin crust pizza ; )

  • Matthew

    The Outbound Station indeed has free wifi. They don’t advertise it for some reason besides on their website.

  • ann

    oh my. Can we say PRETENTIOUS? Before you post things, you should do a little research. First, I am assuming you are a NEW’B. You were not born here in ‘conshy’, but rather transplanted here. You should KNOW, you statement “welcome addition the Conshohocken retail lines”, WELCOME? Dah, this building has been in town since the 19th century. It is historic. And thanks to the good owners, this place still survives the urban sprawl, and over development this town has sadly suffered from. Long before computers, people went and had a cup of Joe and actually spoke to one another, about their day. They didnt text, browse the web, or blog, but they actually talked… I think someone like you should get your coffee from some trendy place that has $2,000 art on the walls and all the set ups for your laptop and WiFi so you can continue your pretentious blogs that no one truly gives a crap about.

    • Ava

      You have made some very good points, but do you have to be so mean about it? Also, you need to get over it. It is 2012 and people and life have changed. You need to change with the times too.

    • Transplant

      Wifi would have been nice. This is a great blog. Obviously you care too, since you took the time to post on it.

      Thanks Brian. Keep up the good work.

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