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El Limon Taqueria Review

October 4th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Food & Drink, Review

Well, it took a long time to finally open (not as long as 8 East…) but El Limon has finally opened.  I was on daddy duty on Friday evening and took the opportunity to enjoy the fabulous evening to walk to El Limon with my son and get dinner.

That might have been mistake numero uno, going out to dinner by myself with my son.  He was simply in no mood to sit in a high chair and watch me eat.  So, my overall enjoyment and analysis of the food might have been skewed by his behavior.

In any case, on to the El Limon review.  I arrived at about 6:30 PM on Friday evening.  There was another small family there with a baby but overall the place was empty.  A fairly small dining area with about 9 tables is available.  I grabbed a seat and looked at the menu.  Overall, the typical Mexican fare was available ranging from tacos, quesadillas and fajitas.  Prices went from $2.50 for a taco and up.

I ordered 3 tacos, 2 chickens and 1 steak.  As I waited for the tacos to arrive, a staff member offered me a complimentary margarita.  I don’t know if this is temporary due to the grand opening or they are going to stick with it, but it was nice.  Cold and heavy on the tequila and salt, it was a nice treat.

The tacos were good.  I was very hungry and they were the perfect amount of food that I needed at the time.  The food was tasty, made to order and will warrant a second look.

But, this review will not be without some negatives.  It took about 10 minutes to make 3 tacos and I was 1 of 2 people in the restaurant.  Ok, fine…new restaurant, new menu, no biggie.  I had to steal napkins and silverware from another table because I was never brought any to my table.  Last, the prices seemed a bit steep.  They were not far off from Coyote Crossing prices and El Limon is no CC when it comes to ambiance, service or appeal.

While not a specific complaint, the biggest miss for El Limon is the lack of a tacos al pastor.  This dish, to me, is the best taco available.  I’ll be making a business trip to Mexico City in the coming weeks and I am looking forward to enjoying these tacos while down there.

All in all, a good meal in a great location on Fayette Street the offers a different dining experience.  I’m looking forward to trying other dishes in the future and I recommend you do as well!

El Limon
103 Fayette Street
Conshohocken, PA 19428

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  • Rob S

    I visited the restaurant on their second night. I ordered takeout with chicken and chorizo tacos. The place was pretty packed and my order took a long twenty minutes. The chicken tacos were wonderful but chorizo tacos were inedible. They mush have dumped a pile of salt by accident because this couldn’t be how they plan on serving them. I also chalked it up to being a new restaurant.
    I don’t understand why they have the grocery section as there is nothing there that you couldn’t get up the street at 7-11 and they could use the extra tables.
    I will give them another chance since the chicken tacos were so tasty.

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