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8 East Review

November 18th, 2010 · 10 Comments · Food & Drink, Review

So, I finally got a chance to eat a meal at Conshohocken’s newest restaurant, 8 East.  I have been following the closure of Toads and subsequent construction of 8 East for the better part of 3 years (has it been that long?!) and I’m relieved it is finally open.

My family, although scattered throughout the Delaware Valley, hit the perfect storm where everyone was in the area on Sunday evening.  So, we decided to venture in for dinner.  We had a large party of 6 adults and 1 child.  Upon entering the restaurant, there was a bar on the left side that fit the same footprint as the former Toads bar.  I spent many a night playing Megatouch at that bar.  It’s current iteration is certainly an upgrade from Toads and I’m glad to see Megatouch is still present.  The bar and downstairs dining area looks fresh and new, with about 75 percent of the stools and tables occupied.  This is a good thing for a Sunday night and I was impressed.

Our party was quickly moved upstairs where there is another bar and more tables.  This space is huge, with very tall ceilings and a nice sized bar.  There were also some standing-only cocktail tables that seemed out of place.  I think a pool table or something similar would be a better fit.

Service was fast and friendly.  We were quickly seated and drinks were ordered.  The menu has some nice items, but nothing that jumped off the page.  Some good looking appetizers, salads, sandwiches and burgers.  Bar food at its finest.  This was worry number 1, is there room for a restaurant that simply serves “bar food”?  With stalwarts Great American Pub and Flanigan’s Boathouse, 8 East better really bring it to get my beer, burger and fry business.

Most of my family ordered either a salad or a burger.  I did as well, ordering the Southwest burger or as I believe it was called.  This burger had avocados, jalapenos and spicy sauce, which I asked to be cooked medium.

We also ordered some wings for the table for appetizers.  The apps came out pretty quickly and were eaten almost as fast.  The wings were large and done well, with a nice sauce that was not too spicy and not too mild.

The entries arrived about 15 minutes later.  A bit longer then I would have thought, but not the end of the world.   Overall, the burger was just average.  I’m a burger fan, I really enjoy them.  I’ve had them all over the country and have had both very good ones and very bad ones.

8 East’s burger was average, at best.  My bet is it was frozen, mistake number one.  If you are going to charge $10 for a burger, it better be fresh and it better be great.  For reference, Blackfish is almost right next door to 8 East and makes a great burger on the lunch menu.  Price?  $10.  The salads that I saw my family enjoy looked fresh, well made and plentiful.  They seemed to eat them with fervor.  The burgers were not so good.  I think the complete bill for the 6 of us (my child didn’t eat) was about $120, minus tip.  $20 a person with drinks (non-alcoholic) is a bit much for salads and burgers.

Net result, a mediocre meal for a premium price.  I might return to 8 East, but not in the immediate future.  I’m going to give it some time to work out the kinks and try again.  I’ll update this review when I return.  The food at The Boathouse is of a higher quality, better taste and a more manageable price than 8 East.  I have not eaten a meal at the GAP in many years, so can’t comment on it.

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  • Robin

    Thanks so much for your feedback! Just a side note – the burgers are fresh and not frozen. We would love to have you come back and sample another burger of your choice. Send me an email with your contact information so that we can connect. All thoughts appreciated!

    • Brian


      Thanks for the offer but I’ll let you get settled in and try another meal in a few months, on my own. Let’s be clear here….I had 6 people eat 6 burgers and no one was particularly impressed. They may have not have been frozen, but they didn’t pop like fresh beef. I suggest you concentrate hard on the food, because booze alone won’t get return traffic, especially in a packed restaurant/bar scene like Conshohocken.

      I’ll update my review when I return.

  • John D

    I was recently at 8 East and to me, it was the best burger in Montgomery County. Come on Brian!

  • Maureen

    I was at 8 East this past Saturday night and have to say that I was very impressed! My friends and I came in early (for a Saturday night…around 7:30 pm) to eat dinner and planned on staying the night to experience what the place has to offer the late night crowd. The 4 of us all ordered various things from the menu (my 1 friend and I split the quesidillas as an app. and I had the pulled pork sandwhich as an entree). I found both to be outstanding! The quesidilla was fresh – not generic as I ordered it without onions (a good way of telling whether it’s fresh or frozen). The pulled pork sandwich was very good with a tangy bbq sauce and a very fresh brie roll (let’s face it – a roll can determine the sandwich!). Our server (Trisha) was very pleasant and prompt with our drinks and food and we never went more than a few minutes without having her attention. As for the late night part, what we heard was true – this is THE new hot spot in Conshy! The upstairs transformed from a dinner area to exactly what Conshy has been missing all these years…a ‘nightclub’ with DJ, dancing and a very social environment. It got VERY crowded (which can be good or bad based on your point of view) but not to the point where you could not move. A very hip crowd to say the least! It was nice to not get hit on and harassed all night nor deal with unwanted overtures on the dance floor. The bartenders (1 male, 2 female) were great at handling the large crowd – none of us went more than 30 seconds to get our drinks ordered at the bar. I noticed the male bartender have to pour what looked like 15 shots for a group of people celebrating a birthday. This guy lined up the shot glasses and had the shots mixed and poured in less than a minute, all while taking my drinks order as well. Now that’s hustle! The DJ played a good blend of music that the crowd seemed to like because the dance floor was not lacking for attention! My only complaint would be that the prices are a little high but, for what the place has to offer, I found it to be well worth it. My friends and I are sure to be back again and again!

  • Anonymous

    Need a better system for running tabs. 4 people’s credit cards have been lost since opening. NOT good.

  • Chris

    I was in 8 EAST last friday night with some friends. It wasa the first time I have been in there since it opened. I was very impressed with the decor, not what I had expected at all. Conshy has come a long way, and to say the least has been looking remarkable. I stopped in with two friends. We sat downstairs (there are two floors for those have not been yet) the waitress was nice, we ordered draft beers (blue moon being my favorite) and some apps. The wings were meaty and very flavorful, we also had the spinach and artichoke (I think thats what its called) which was good as well. Would go back b/c as the night went on I could see the place getting busier.

  • Mark

    I think they had a rough start because my wife and I have been there 5 or 6 times now in the last 2 months without any complaints. I love the conshy firehouse wings. Wife says the rancher sandwich is excellent. Some of the side sauces with the appetizers are a little odd though. As an IPA lover I am impressed with the beer selection. Can’t wait to see how this place works out. Toads was my favorite place…

  • Dawn

    I think if you all ordered burgers then you can’t really judge the menu? I have had a few different items and I must say I have enjoyed each of them I do have my favorites. They have so much more to offer, you really should give them another try. Also my husband and me have been to just about every Conshy restaurant and 8 East has one of the most personable staff’s.

  • Tracy

    Was at 8 East this past saturday night (1/30) in the upstairs section. It was very crowded, which obviously means they are doing something right! the DJ played great dance music, the crowd was very engaging and the bartenders were on point all night. The bartender Michael, besides being sexy as hell lol, made me a drink called the Red Dragon, which was amazing!!! and you can’t beat $2 millet lite drafts all night. I can’t wait to go back soon!

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