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Gah! I’m against a Conshy Dog Park

July 18th, 2011 · 17 Comments · General, Politics

Poor Little Pom Pom / Pompom Dog Practice Swimming On Swimming Foam At Chaam Beach Thailand / ????????????????
There has been some recent news on the request of local residents to have a dog park built. Let me first state that I am against any dog park being built on Borough owned land…here is why:


  • I don’t like the idea of devoting perfectly good, public lands to animals.  We have a shortage of usable grasslands in the Borough and reserving a portion of it to dogs seems crazy.
  • It’s a bad idea to allow strange dogs to be contained together.  There is always the chance of a dog fight and no good will come of this, to canine or human.
  • It is bad enough trying to keep dog crap off my lawn (just cleaned some up the other day) and avoiding it why mowing the alleyway behind my house.  We don’t need a localized place of dog shit grounds to pollute and contaminate open space.
  • Who has authority over the dog park?  What happens when owners or dogs break the rules?
  • Who has to maintain the park?  When its a human park, that’s pretty easy.  I can only assume our Public Works Department isn’t going to be cleaning up the messes that are made.
  • I don’t know the details of funding for the park, but based on the park’s web site, they are forming a non-profit.  So, it may be privately funded.  I do not want the Borough’s Parks and Rec Department funding a dog park when I need to take my son to surrounding areas to play in the park because the equipment is broken and not safe.  Let’s devote funds to humans first, dogs second.

Feel free to comment, I’ll keep a close eye on this one.  For reference, the Conshy Dog Park Facebook Page and the Conshy Dog Park Web Site are linked.

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  • Hollie

    I agree with your last point. If the equipment our kids play on is not safe, we should fix that first.

    Also, it seems that most residents have some sort of yard that their dogs can run around on. I have several neighbors with dogs out on their yards and have no problems.

    Perhaps if some residents do not have space of their own they could become friends with their neighbors who do. That would strengthen the community much more than a place where anyone and everyone could just go to anonymously play and not talk to anyone around them.

    • Good Dog

      Dog people love to get to know one another. They love associating and dog parks create a wonderful atmosphere for those who just go to see dogs. Yes, people who do not have dogs will come out to dog parks and get to know others just because they like dogs.

      Lots of communities have dog parks and it works out very well. Many of the homes in Conshohocken do not have yards and you just do not have the freedom to visit your neighbor for their yard anytime that works for you. Dog parks bring people from all over the community together.

    • Elizabeth

      I like the idea of a dog park. When we could no longer let our beloved dog run free at our local park, she became depressed, not understanding why she had to remain on the lead. There are so few places where our “BEST FRIENDS” can run around and play freely. Its essential to living a happy life, weather man or beast. If they choose the location wisely, and establish some rules, it could be great fun for all.
      I know my child would have a lot of fun just watching the dogs at play. Another great reason to want to live here.

      PS. I know someone who has a yard full of playground equipment for their little darlings, and lives right across the street from a playground. Whats up with THAT!!

    • J

      We are looking for a neighbor who has space where are dogs can run and play. Do you have space?

  • Conshy Resident

    Aside from a chain link fence and a baggie dispenser, the marginal cost seems to be minimal (what am I missing?). I don’t have a dog, but I have plenty of dog excrement in my yard. I think it would be great if they went and did some of their business in a dedicated area where it would actually get picked up instead of on my lawn.

    Further, this will be as much about people socializing as it will be about the dogs. When I take my kids to the Mary Wood playground it’s not just for them. We meet other parents there and just get some fresh air. At other dog parks (this is not a new or unique concept) I see people chatting and hanging out all the same.

    And regarding “who has authority over the park”, who has authority over the other parks in Conshy and why would this be any different?

    I haven’t heard any good objections yet, except maybe the availability of a location. Even though I wouldn’t use it, I think having a dedicated dog park would be a great addition to the area and well worth the (minimal) cost.

  • Different Conshy Resident

    Thank you for expressing your opinions. I can’t argue with your first two bullet points, that is a personal preference from someone without dogs.

    I can help to provide some alternative viewpoints to the issues you raised:

    * Dog Park or no dog park, inconsiderate people who don’t clean-up after their pets should be cited and fined. I can tell you within a communal dog park, owners are very good about policing one another, but nothing is ever perfect. I don’t believe a dog park will make this situation worse, but I do think it could help to reduce the amount of waste around the borough.

    * The authority/responsible party is a topic that will need to be vetted through the Parks & Rec Committee and Borough Council, especially since it would be on Borough owned land. Every dog park has a set of rules and it is up to the users to self police. This is nothing new.

    * No one would ever expect public works to clean up after an irresponsible owner. Different parks handle this through means such as volunteer work and/or paying for a professional service. I imagine a concrete plan to handle this concern will be part of the Dog Park framework.

    * The maintenance costs are low as stated above. The largest expense is upfront and tied to fencing and equipment. As you mentioned the plan is to have it set-up as a non-profit. I don’t think it is anyone’s intention to add additional burden on the Borough’s budget. Though to be fair, they are currently cutting the grass and maintaining the land at whatever site might become a dog park. Therefore we wouldn’t anticipate incremental costs.

    * I agree about the children’s playground equipment. Reachout to your Borough representative and get others involved on finding a solution to your concern. Maybe a future blog?

  • Dog Mom In Conshy

    I think this blog is great, everyone needs a place to express their opinions and views…however it is obvious that the person who wrote the initial blog is not a dog owner or an animal lover. And I feel that some of the comments are false accusations on how the park will be and what kind of people will use it. I completely agree 110% that the local parks and play equipment for children should be fixed and maintained so everyone’s children have a safe place to play and socialize; I also agree with ‘Different Conshy Resident’ that you and anyone else with children need to reach out to your borough council members and express these concerns and make it aware that you feel this way and ask them to do something about it. Now to the point of me writing a comment on here, some people don’t have children or were not blessed with children and instead their pets and dogs become their “kids” and they have every right to have a dedicated area to take their dogs to play in our town of Conshohocken. There is not one park in this area that allows dogs and that’s why there are so many dogs walked on the streets everyday. There’s no where else to take them to get exercise and since most people don’t have a yard, walking is the only option. Dog parks are how dog owners meet other dog owners who share common interests and enjoy each other’s time… it’s a VERY social place. People are chatting and talking all the time, and friendships are made. To the point about the dog waste…I agree with the comment above, not only do responsible dog owners police themselves and others in a dog park but there’s usually a dog park committee of volunteers or a service that comes in and cleans up after those few irresponsible dog owners that ruin the reputation for every other dog owner. We are not all irresponsible and inconsiderate; I am a very loyal dog owner and would be just as upset as anyone else if someone let their dog ‘do their business’ in my front yard and did not clean it up. Having a dedicated dog park will help reduce the amount of dogs walked on the streets and hopefully reduce the amount of waste that is left in people’s yards. All in all I really hope that anyone who is “against a dog park in conshy” realizes how important it is to the numerous dog owners that are their neighbors here in town and tries to understand that it will not only benefit the dogs and the owners, but it will also benefit the community by attracting people from the towns next-door to come use the park. Which might result in them stopping and getting gas or picking up lunch at the corner deli or local restaurant and then in the end it will only help bring the community more together.

  • Conshy Dog Mom

    I am a dog owner and am all for the park, but I would never use it. Many people like them and I think it is a great socialization for the dog owners. Just look at how popular “Yappy Hour” is. However, my personal peference is to keep my dogs safe from confrontation with untrained pooches. True, I would get to know the dogs in question, etc, but it just is not my scene. The dog park would be public property and maintained in the same manner that all parks are maintained. I dont see a problem with it. I think that dog owners who would prefer a park should have it. I am not sure, but I think the closest one is in Upper Merion. Why not bring that attraction here? After visiting the park they might stop in to Yappy Hour and spend $$ right here in Conshy!

  • Good Dog

    When I lived in Conshohocken I would have loved a dog park. Dogs love to socialize and so do dog people. I moved to Lafayette Hill into a condo complex and they had a lot of land and we always got to know other dogs and dog owners and it was great. Everyone “picked-up” and all the dogs were very good. When people have problem dogs they know not to bring them to a dog park. Also, you can take your dog during hours when there are just one or two others there or right after work when many have their dogs out.

  • No to Dog Park

    Dogs are for the emotionally weak

  • Brian

    Great comments, I appreciate the input. I’m not a dog owner so the benefit of a dog park is lost. But, in the same way a playground doesn’t benefit people without children, I appreciate how a dog owner would benefit from it.

  • john

    obviously not a dog owner. just a cranky resident with a bad taste in your mouth b/c u have had to clean dog shit like every other person on earth

    • kc123

      Well sort of sucks when you have a dog in your yard and you have to clean up your front lawn because some A hole lets their dog crap on your front lawn and just walks away. There supposedly is an ordinance in Conshy to clean up the dog crap but of course the ignorant ones do not. You hear “oh I forgot my bag” Bull $hit! Don’t have a dog if you are not going to take care of it!

  • D

    There always has to be miserable ppl like you against something that will promote community AND KEEP, AS YOU SAY, DOG CRAP OFF YOUR LAWN.

  • Dog Lover

    Wow wow wow. There are a bunch cranky people in Conshy. I haven’t also been a dog owner. I am now. I think having a dog park is an amazing idea. All the dog parks I have been to have been well maintained and those that bring their dogs do pick up after them bc there are other owners inside the fenced area holding them to it. Sin e most of you anti-pet pet haven’t been to a park you obviously don’t know what goes on and blasting assumptions left and right about dog owners. There will always be complainers for the same of complaining. Dogs need socialization and they need a safe place to play. What’s so wrong about that?????
    There have been clinical studies showing evidence that owning a dog can lower hypertension and blood pressure. Perhaps you guys should all get one? 🙂

  • Beagle owner

    This is a member only dog park,so will be well taken care and maintained. Dogs are social animals and benefit from meeting other dogs and people.

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