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Unusual Letter From a Conshohocken Resident

January 20th, 2013 · 2 Comments · Planning Commission

I have been receiving quite a few form letters from Conshohocken residents on the proposed Wawa.  In general, all of them have either been name/address on the form letter alone or a very brief note against the Wawa for a specific reason.  So, when I received the attached form letter it was quite a surprise.  It wasn’t until I read the note that I was truly taken aback.  The identity of the sender of this letter has been removed, I’ll leave the personalized note to speak for itself.

The handwriting is a bit difficult to read, so I transcribed it.  Any mistakes in the transcription are mine.


Addendum: In addition to being against approving
WAWA, SUPRA [SIC], I am also not in favor of the 7-eleven or
gas stations along Fayette Street.  I am also opposed to
designated homes in town as “SECTION 8”.  “SECTION 8”
housing has already ruined Norristown with “riff-
raff, lowlifes, and criminals, along with drugs and
shootings”.  As if we don’t already have those problems,
but not on the scale of Norristown and other towns
where there is a profession of “SECTION 8” designations.
Conshohocken will never realize a dream
with all of the “junk” currently in or coming  into this town.
Thank you!

Wawa Letter


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